Free Poland Number

Free Poland Number

Polish: Powszechny Electroniczny System Ludnosci. The Polish national identification number can only be assigned once. Permanent residents of Poland must obtain a PESEL Number. A PESEL Number is required for permanent residents of Poland. This was the original intention of the PESEL program by the communist government at Poland’s People’s Republic. It was designed to track and trace all university-educated people. The website help the service of Poland number Ajoxi and Lets Dial.


These numbers are called PESEL and are formatted as YYMMDDZZZXQ. This is the place where YYMMDD denotes when you were born and the century that has been encoded into each month. ZZZX stands for unique identification numbers. X codes stand for unique identification numbers. It’s used to verify that the PESEL is entered correctly.

Checksum calculation

This checksum refers the subtraction of 10 in the above expression. If this number equals zero, then the checksum equals 0. A PESEL is invalid when the final operation’s results are not equal to K. This system has a high level of reliability in catching one-digit mistakes and digit swaps.

Example –

  • Checking the validity PESEL 123456678901
  • 1×1 + 2×3 + 3×7 + 4×9 + 5×1 + 6×3 + 7×7 + 8×9 + 9×1 + 0x3 = 217
  • Last digit (217.5 or 10),: 7
  • The checksum will not be 0 since the last digit doesn’t have to be 0.
  • This PESEL number 3 does not equal the last number, which is 1, and it contains errors. A valid PESEL Number is 12345678903.
Update the PESEL Number

PESEL can have a date and sex. PESEL numbers have a date and sex. REGON (from Rejestr Gospodarki Narodowej – Register of the National Economy is a similar system of numbers that businesses use) is available to all taxpayers who are in business before September 2011. Polish citizens are required to show their identification number (area codes provide the wholesale VoIP is 303 area code and 334 area code) in order to prove their identity. Foreign citizens must provide their passport numbers to prove their identity. Companies and businesses may also be required to reveal the number they have on the KRS (National Judicial Register), or Krajowy Rejestr Sadowy, of the Taxpayer Identification Number – IP. You can also get the website by the Wholesale VoIP online sim number and click it.


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