Free Unique Phone Number

Free Unique Phone Number

Fake telephone number

Many telephone numbering programs allow for fake numbers. There was a demand that these numbers be assigned in real life due to the fictional use of 555 numbers. By changing or adding numbers to a number, you cannot make it look fake. Some numbers, such as premium rate and toll free numbers can be assigned outside NANPA. There are Wholesales VoIP Provided by the services is Call Nation and Ajoxi

Telephone numbers used in movies, TV and music
  • Lucy phones Sam Zabaglione (755-2099), to talk about “The Girls Want a Nightclub”, episode 2 of I Love Lucy.
  • Hawkshaw Hawkins. 1963. Hawkshaw Hawkins.
  • Wilson Pickett is the one who recorded “634-5789”, Soulsville U.S.A. )”,), 1965. You can also find this song on the soundtrack of the movie Blues Brothers 2000.
  • Suzanne Pleshette dials 84 9994 from a Telephone Company, to wake up during the 1970 ABC TV movie Along Came a Spider.
  • Sanford and Son’s Jan 9, 1976 Episode, “Can You Chop This”, featured Fred Sanford promoting Whopper Choppers and asking viewers for English and Spanish numbers 555-0179 English and Spanish.
  • Tommy Tutone wrote the hit 1982 song “8675309/Jenny”, which describes a number that can be used in many area codes.
  • Sneakers, 1992. Mary the NSA Agent gives her phone number as (415) 273-9164.

Michael Moore included 1992 footage of Moore reciting his number in Pets or Meat. Moore received 314 total calls in the 24 hours following the broadcast.


Marvin Gaye, George Gordy (William “Mickey”) Stevenson, and Marvin Gaye wrote “Beechwood 45789”, a 1962 Motown smash hit for The Marvelettes. It was 20 years since it first became a hit. The Carpenters covered it in 1982. The number was created by the directors of Bruce Almighty in 2003 to call God. Subscribers with matching numbers were bombarded repeatedly with calls asking God for His help.

  1. Dez.Dickerson used to call “777-93111” his real number, so his phone would ring constantly and he had no way of changing it.
  2. “Skandal im Sperrbezirk”, a 1981 Spider Murphy Gang hit, reached #1 in Germany 36 days later. Gunther Skal, the original song’s singer, said that it was one of Germany’s most popular phone numbers. He sent out many bouquets and made some adjustments to make it better.
  3. 2004 Scrubs episode, “My Malpractical Decision” gave Dr. Turk his number as (916)CALL_TUR[K], which is i.e. (916)225-7887 plus five more at the end in honor of Turk’s full-surname.

There are many area code by the VoIP is 289 area code and 330 area code.

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