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It is easy to order a SIM card online and get Japanese phone numbers. It’s possible to order a SIM card online, both in English and from overseas. Sakura Mobile is our favorite provider. It is a good idea for maximum adulting in Japan to have an Japanese phone number before moving to Tokyo. To open a bank or sign a lease, you will need a Japanese mobile number.


It is easy to order a SIM Card online. It is possible to order a SIM Card online from abroad and in English. To establish a Japanese mobile number, you must have a Japanese data SIM and voice. To establish a Japanese phone number, you will need to have a Japanese SIM and voice. While it may seem less expensive to get a Japanese SIM while you’re in Japan, it can be more time-consuming and complicated than setting up an online number. See our guide on long-term SIMs in Japan.

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The actual handset can be brought in by you, as long as it isn’t locked. If you are looking to buy a new iPhone, you can visit one or more Apple Japan stores. Either your employer can set up a Japanese phone number or you can do it yourself, you’ll be able to order a SIM online. I will be getting these the help the call the toll free will get the number this website Lets Dial and Call Nation. Mobal’s voice is clear and their data SIM is very easy to use. You only need to complete this process once you’ve arrived.

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Your monthly data cap will restrict your data speed to 1GB 5, 10GB, 10GB, and 30, respectively. However, your data will not be cut off. SoftBank is a popular Japanese cellular provider, which was previously called Vodafone. Your Japanese cell phone number will allow you to make and receive calls, send SMS messages and use data. The rates can range from Y=1,480 up to Y=4,380 per month, depending on what plan you choose. You’ll also need to pay a SIM charge of Y=3,000 for each monthly call, depending on your plan. There are many area codes that will be used in this area code 316 area code and 361 area code.

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Sakura Mobile is another Japanese mobile company that offers voice and data plans. Both plans utilize the NTT DoCoMo Network. It offers 4GB of data and is the cheapest plan. You can also purchase a Premium plan for 25GB of data for Y=4,278/month. It’s easy and quick to sign up for a Membership. The option to pay by credit card or debit card is also available. Cash payments can be accepted at convenience shops. However, it can be reduced to approximately Y=5,200. Domestic call charges start at 21 yen/30 seconds and 43 yen/minute respectively. You have the right to cancel your contract at any time. Sakura Mobile Plans include full English-language support.

How do I obtain a Japanese number from a store?

There are many mobile phone shops you can find in large train stations (Ikebukuro or Shinagawa), shopping malls, and in public places. Not all stores will have English-speaking staff. You may also find the requirements and contracts to be difficult. In order to get a Japanese phone contract, one of the Japanese mobile network operators will need to be applied through.


Schedule a day to do this if you’re serious about it. If you don’t speak Japanese well enough, ask for a native speaker to accompany you. A toll-free number is also known by the term “free phone number” and charges the calling party for each call received. Toll-free calls from a landline number are free. A calling prefix is similar as a geographical area code. It identifies a toll-free number that offers Freecall or toll-free access. You will get this website how to get an Italian phone number and click it

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