How To Get UK Number In India

Can I get an Indian number from the UK?

India will have the UK number. It’s simple. Simply sign up and get a UK telephone number to unlock the specific service.

How are phone numbers generated?
Phone number

You can dial the Mumbai phone number 0731 from your Mumbai landline. Access any Indian mobile phone by dialing 0731 followed by the number If you are outside India, please dial +91, then 731 and then the telephone number Prior to 10 March 2009. Per Department of Telecommunications memorandum of 9 February 2009. There were a few exceptions from this general rule. These were STD areas that fell within 200 kilometres of each other. “0” can then be replaced with “95”. To dial Delhi (from Gurgaon), one dials 9511+landline.

The numbers are variable in length. Local numbers can either be dialled from land-lines, or with a prefix of ‘0’ that denotes a geographical area or another service. Mobile phone numbers can have their own prefixes, which aren’t geographical and can be moved between providers by the Call Nation and Prepaid Mall.

Can I get an Indian number in the UK?

India will have a UK phone number. It’s very simple. To unlock that service, sign up and purchase a UK telephone number.

How do I generate phone numbers?
Mobile numbers

Initially, the first four characters of the number indicated the operator’s mobile phone number. The six remaining numbers are unique for each subscriber. Mobile number portability made it possible that the first four characters could no longer be used for identification.

India’s Department of Telecommunications manages India’s phones through the National Numbering Plan of 2012. The numbering scheme was last revised in 2015. India’s country code, “91”, was assigned by the International Telecommunication Union in the 1960s.

Format for dialing fixed-line numbers

It is not necessary that you dial multiple landline phones within the same code region. You must follow the variable-length dialing rules. You need to dial from a phone line within an STD-code area to another using a prefix with the number zero + area codes. You can dial any fixed line number within India using the same prefix, which is zero + the area code is 307 area code and 338 area code. To dial Indore’s landline telephone number, you would dial

Phone number
  • Dial 0731 from any Mumbai-based landline phone to dial the phone number.
  • Get any Indian mobile phone number by dialing 731 followed by the
  • Please dial +91, 731 if you are from outside India. Or the phone number

Prior to 10 March 2009. Per the Department of Telecommunications memorandum of the 9 February 2009. There have been a few exceptions that this general rule does not apply to. These were STD regions that fell within 200km of one another. The “0” can now be replaced by the “95”. To dial Delhi, (from Gurgaon), you dial 9511+landline.


Many Indian businesses rent keywords monthly. Short codes are characters found on a typical cell phone keyboard. Short codes are five digits long. They must begin with the digit 5, which was 58888 in 2007. They were four-digit in length and could be used together with 8888, and 78227. The current five-digit number is easily increased by three digits, representing three additional characters. These messages, also known by Premium Rate SMS-Messages, cost per message and are dependent on the operator as well as the company.

The United Kingdom’s telephone numbers can be accessed by the Office of Communications, (Ofcom). Ofcom designed the National Telephone Numbering Plan, which is a telephone numbers scheme. It is used to assign phone numbers for subscribers. The numbers are variable in length. Local numbers are also available via landlines. To dial a number, you can use the prefix ‘0’ which denotes a specific geographic area or another service. These prefixes aren’t necessarily geographical and can be transferred among providers.


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