Malaysia Phone Line

Malaysia Phone Line

Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission is responsible for regulating phone numbers in Malaysia. A landline telephone number consists of an area of 1 to 2, excluding the leading 0, followed by a 6-8 digit subscriber Call Nation and Prepaid Mall. Mobile number transferability allows a mobile number to be linked with another assignment.


Calls to Singapore did not require international dialling before 2017. International dialling was no longer required for calls to Singapore before 2017. The other Malaysian telecom companies stopped using the international prefix of 0065 on July 1, 2017. To make calls to Brunei, Peninsular Malaysia, and Brunei, you will need the prefix international number 00673.

Area codes for landlines

Except for the STD Prefix (0), area codes for landlines can be one digit (3 to 7, 9) in Peninsular Malaysia or two digits (8x, East Malaysia) respectively. The codes roughly follow state boundaries. These codes can be broken down into multiple area code groups by the 317 area code and 270 area code, including Sarawak (Sabah), an East Malaysian state, and Sarawak(Sarawak). Peninsular Malaysia has seven numbers of landline customers (except Selangor Kuala Lumpur oder Putrajaya), while East Malaysia has six and 3 respectively.


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A national number has 10 digits inside area code 3. 9 digits outside and the STDprefix 0. If you’re writing a number by telephone using the areacode, please separate the subscriber numbers and area codes with an underscore. You can also read our blog about Estonia Numbers.

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