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What Is a “Toll Free Number” and How Does it Work?

Toll free numbers can be dialed by calling a number with a three-digit code. They can be called from landlines but do not incur any charges.

Customers may use toll free numbers for their service. Customers who use toll free numbers will only be charged the minutes they use, unless an unlimited calling plan is purchased.

Customers can send text messages via toll-free phone numbers. But they must be “text enabled.” Customers can also text businesses to get their responses.

Toll Free Phone Numbers: 800,888 and/or 877.

Toll-free numbers are those numbers that begin with one or several of the three-digit number numbers 800, 800-888.877.866, 866 and 855/844. 844. 833. 844. 833. 800. 977. 877. 855. 844. 844. 844. 844. 844. 844. 844. 844. 844. They can be used interchangeably, however.

What are the toll free numbers?

The FCC issues the majority of tollfree numbers to subscribers on a first/first basis.

Certain numbers included in the 833 free toll code were made auctionable by FCC. The 833 Auction is an experiment that demonstrates how to use competitive bids to efficiently assign toll-free numbers. For more information about the 833 Auction, visit

If you would like to get a tollfree number, you may contact a RespOrg. If you need help locating a RespOrg, call or text the Somos Help Desk at 1-844-HEY SOMOS (1-844-439-7666), or visit for assistance.

The FCC’s role

FCC is responsible to set the rules about how to get toll-free number. This means subscribers can “port”, move or transfer their number when switching service providers by the Prepaid Mall and Lets Dial.

What does a vanity number mean?

A vanity or toll-free number is one that spells a name or word selected by the subscriber. Call us toll-free for ‘Warehousing and hoarding’ or ‘brokeringFCC rules forbid RespOrgs to store toll-free numbers. RespOrgs, which may have numbers stored in their warehouses, could face sanctions.

FCC regulations prohibit subscribers from hoarding. Subscribers cannot obtain more toll-free numbers than they plan to use. Number brokering is an illegal practice that involves offering or selling a tollfree phone number. FCC granted an exception from rules that prohibit warehousing/hoarding as well brokering numbers for numbers assigned through competitive bid, such as numbers in 833 Auction.


Telephone networks have gone from being electro-mechanical switch switches to fully computerized stored program-controlled networks. These features are now available for toll-free calls. In the beginning, the call that was charged to the party calling must have been made by a telephone company operator. They had to either accept charges at a remote location or transfer the decision to a long range operator. There were large amounts of collect calls made to large companies and government agencies. It was frustrating for callers as well as operators of area code is Wholesale VoIP will be area code is 301 area code and 331 area code.

Telephone toll-free

Before automated tollfree phones were invented, many telephone companies had a manual version. Operator-assisted telephone calls can easily be demonstrated in Zenith numbers that were established in Canada and the U.S. in the 1950s.

Both systems are very similar in their approach. Call the operator (now 100 in the UK and 0 in Canada/U.S.). Some areas may substitute “Zenith 2345” for “Enterprise 1 345”, or “WX”. These calls follow the same pattern as the free numbers: they ask for the operator’s name, number, and five-digit code.


In any case, the operator will pull out the correct geographic number from the list to place the call. The Zenith phone number was only available at a predetermined location. This could be a few local cities, a province or a state. It was listed in local directories in every community where the subscriber was willing or able to pay for inbound calls.

Before the introduction of InWATS by Bell System in May 1967, and the Linkline (8th Nov 1985 by British Telecom), 0800 telephone services on 12/11/85, you could only call the operator by hand. You can also get these websites the help the Wholesales VoIP by the free unique phone number and click it and read.

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